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Introducing Medex





Charter Medex is a Made-in-Canada, purpose built HealthCare web based video conferencing solution allowing for licensed clinicians to expand their clinical practice with clinician-to-patient consults, clinician-to-clinician consults, or teams of clinical experts with patients and family.   Real world experience has shown that Charter Medex allows for the development and growth of valuable confidential bonds between patients and their caregivers.  Providing consistency and high availability to clinicians and patients alike, the Charter Medex intuitive web interface easily creates a secure connection in high definition video and audio, allowing the sharing of confidential information, and even additional resources via “invitation only” for others to share in your personal conference room.   Delivering a standardized HealthCare interface, Charter Medex is powered from Cisco WebEx with Charter’s design, focus and service. The highly secure cloud based service means that clinicians and patients do not have to worry about operating and maintaining complicated and expensive devices and networks. Any changes to the service are initiated via telephone or email and completed within 24 hours by Charter’s certified help desk agents.  Charter’s Medex service can be used on any Android, iOS, MAC, Windows and standards based video endpoints. Making it easy to use from anywhere, anytime including home, office, clinics and hospital locations.

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