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Increases capacity 10-fold and allows for VoIP telephones
Victoria, BC – September 29, 2009

The City of Victoria is turning to Charter Telecom to upgrade its IT network, in a deal that demonstrates the continued viability of the Nortel brand – under the right circumstances.

The city chose Charter for the $220,000-plus upgrade because, according to Scott Clark, Victoria’s Assistant Director of Information Technology, Charter provided more functionality and capacity for the same dollar as some of the non-Nortel solution bidders.

The network upgrade will provide the city with ten times the capacity at ten locations across the city, allowing for an expanded use of technology without diminishing performance. In addition, the project will provide better security and the capacity to provide Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which was not possible on the current network.

“We chose to offer a Nortel solution because it was the right technology for the project,” said Charter President Paul Chandler. “And we pitched them on Charter’s value, on our whole suite of services. That really made the difference.”

Scott Clark agrees. Nortel’s issues were a concern at first, he said, as the bid came in not long after the company filed for bankruptcy protection. “Initially, we put them aside, but the quality of their submission allowed us to get beyond that concern.”

There was much to like about Charter’s bid, he said. Particularly important to the city was Charter’s offer to continue monitoring the network for a year, and together with the competitive price, extra functionality, quality of the submission, and the presentation itself, it was enough to seal the deal.

Mr. Clark did indicate that once the decision had been made there was a sense of surprise and satisfaction that a smaller local company was able to come from a dark horse position and win the deal against some of the largest companies in the industry.

The Victoria contract is scheduled to begin immediately with a completion date of November.

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