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Victoria, BC – March 2, 2009

Charter Telecom Inc., one of Canada’s fastest growing network infrastructure providers, is teaming up with Blink Communications, one of eastern Canada’s top communications service providers, to upgrade and evolve Blink’s network technology – that will in turn allow Blink’s customers to upgrade their own networks and the applications they run on them.

Blink, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oakville Hydro, serves the networking needs of businesses and counts Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies among its customers.

“This project with Charter increases our capacity to deliver the next generation MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network and its key benefits to our clients: high-touch services, reliability and scalability,” says Jeff Cowan, Blink’s Engineering Team Leader. “The trend today is for clients to look to converge their services – one common pipe for voice, video and data communications – and it’s an especially interesting solution considering the economy.”

Blink’s President and COO Troy Hare says Blink’s existing network technology has been in place for a number of years, and it is time to take this ‘evolutionary step’. “I see it as ‘growth as you go’ for our customers – a means to optimize their applications and their network efficiencies.”

The new network will feature Juniper Networks equipment. The components will be staged and configured and shipped by Charter to 15 locations in Blink’s Ontario network installations.

Jeff Cowan says the association with Charter Telecom comes at the end of a 10-month evaluation process, but it has been a good experience since the beginning. “They work very closely with Juniper. They helped facilitate the financial transaction, and were very involved in the actual deployment of the network, from beginning to end.”

Troy Hare agrees: “Charter came in with a solid methodology and effective execution presentation, heads above everybody else.”

While most of its activity is in western Canada, Victoria-based Charter already has a number of customers based in the east. The Blink project firmly establishes Charter as a national company, and Charter is now making plans to establish an office in southern Ontario, likely in the Greater Toronto Area.

“We’re looking forward to an ongoing, productive relationship with Blink,” says Charter President Paul Chandler. “This will be a state-of-the-art MPLS network that will drive value into Blink’s business.”

Blink anticipates a June target date for completion, and expects the network will be ready to accept new customer services immediately. Says Troy Hare, “We intend to ensure that we hit the ground running.”

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